How far will Son Yambu travel?



Can Son Yambu provide a DJ and a PA?



How long do Son Yambu play?

Normally up to 2 hours over a 3 hour period, though this is negotiable.


Are Son Yambu insured and safety tested?

Yes. The band hold full public liability insurance and the equipment is 'PAT' tested.


Do Son Yambu have any specific requirements?

It is customary to provide food, drinks, changing facilities and parking.   More details are available on request or at the time of booking.


How long do Son Yambu take to set up?

We normally allow 1 hour to set up.


Do Son Yambu need to be advised of anything before the event takes place?

Son Yambu need to  be advised on access to the venue and whether there are any noise limiting devices.


How much do Son Yambu charge?

Every event we perform at is unique, so we always provide quotes on an individual basis.  This is due to factors such as band size, travelling distance, PA requirements, timings etc.