• •     Traditional Cuban septeto son / salsa band
  • •     Acoustic quartet or quintet

  • •     10-piece band for the full-on Yambu sound

  • •     Male and / or female vocalists

  • •     Dancers in full costume, plus dance workshops

  • •     Recorded music can be played through the band’s PA system

  • •     £2m public liability insurance

  • •     All equipment is PAT tested

The band has a flexible line-up that can be tailored to match every occasion. Playing as a traditional Cuban septeto, the band performs with 7 musicians - lead vocalist, trés (Cuban mandolin), guitar, bass, trumpet and two percussionists.  

For smaller events the band can reduce in size and play acoustically. For larger events, with additional brass and percussion, the band can play as a 9 or 10 piece band.

Professional dancers in full costume can come with the band to create an even more spectacular show, while dance workshops give guests the opportunity to learn some salsa steps and moves.