UK's very own Buena Vista band... absolutely tremendous... music like that and we're all feeling terrific. If you don't start to move to this there is no hope for you. Extraordinary music.

- Sean Rafferty, BBC Radio 3

…the acoustic septet with the real sound of Santiago De Cuba.

- Simon Broughton, CD of the week, Evening Standard

Shetland’s response to the music fell little short of ecstatic… their vivacious stage presence led the, until now, reserved Clickimin audience to gyratingly jam pack the limited dancing space the venue has to offer.

- Davie Gardener, Shetland News

La Maravilla sees the band playing son Cubano much as they would in Santiago De Cuba, all spicy rhythms and tight horns…

- David Honigman, Financial Times

Son Yambu got everybody twitching in their seats with their feelgood, authentic Cuban ‘son’ – the precursor to salsa… the five piece band brought the heat of Cuba to a chilly Shetland evening.

- Olivia Abbott, Shetland news

… Son Yambu really pulled people onto the dance floor – and what’s more they are a London-based son band, although virtually all the musicians are Cuban.

- Simon Broughton, Songlines

Meanwhile the weekend’s most exotic outfit, Cuban group Son Yambu, proved a big hit and were reportedly to be seen leading a salsa jam in the foyer at Islesburgh at 5am on Monday morning.

- Neil Riddell, Shetland Times

A big thank you to Son Yambu for being involved in last Sundays event. The band did a fantastic job on the day.

- Emma Tutton, Senior Arts Officer

Amazing night at El Rumbon Cubano – what a return!! A beautiful set from Son Yambu – que suena la banda!

- Richard Fallon

I just wanted to say that we thought Yambu were absolutely excellent. They were a big hit with our guests and we loved everything about them - the band look cool, are lovely individuals and their music was top rate.

- Phil & Kathy Tubb

Una noche excellente en Londres muy buenas musicas, buena clase de contratiempo y una banda estupenda buena pa gozar. Tengo que ir mas a Londres

- Jose Ferrera

With a line up of expat Cuban musicians playing rootsy Cuban son… Son Yambu had dancers twirling from the off.

- Jane Cornwell, Evening Standard

Una noche estupenda, gracias a todos. Thanks x.

- Ros Spink

Most of the band members hail from Santiago De Cuba, the birthplace of Cuban son… and have the effortless musicianship that comes from being to the manor born. A set infused with rhythm changes and infectious melodies and grooves. Son Yambu is the best band playing Cuban son.

- Jane Cornwell, Songlines

Determined to wring the last drop from the post-foy-party, music lovers swayed, gyrated and bobbed to the pounding salsa beat for the Cuban band Son Yambu….a session that will long remain in the memory.

- Stephen Gordon, Shetland Times

Son Yambu make a great noise – a mix of Spanish passion and African rhythm that is true to the original roots of Cuban son. Even with just 5 of the band they are a powerful force.

- Olivia Abbott, Shetland News

Son Yambu had been brilliant in Voe on Thursday evening and they were brilliant again on Sunday, with flamboyant singer Yuriselys Moreno Soria and guitarist Oscar Vazquez particularly captivating the crowd.

- Malachy Tallack, Shetland Times

The band were great. They did everything that was requested and were the perfect music for the event. They were set up quickly and were very professional.

- Nia Jones, Terrapin

Band were great, intoxicating music and a great crowd - all of which made for a fabulous vibe. Thank you!

- Cecile Jackson

We would like to thank you and congratulate you on the other night, it was a really memorable gig. Son Yambu rose to the challenge and made the night fantastic. Big thanks to you all!

- Imran, Salsa Secrets

Please pass on my thanks to the band who were brilliant at our event and were just what was needed to get the party going. My only regret was that I did not have more time to enjoy the band myself!

- Anne Davis, Asylum Productions